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District 12

Technical AV Designer // Qlab + Resolume

Creative Director/Adaptation - Emma Annetts // Director and Choreographer - Thomas Ashton // Lighting Designer - Tania Walton // Assistant Lighting Designer - Sophie Bailey // Av Designer - Will Peters // Set and Costume Designer - Drew Alfieri // Photography - Sam Heath

District 12 is a thrilling, raw and visceral Dance production inspired by the first of The Hunger Games trilogy written by Suzanne Collins. Engulfed in a dystopian universe ruled by the wealthy Capitol, our young hero and heroine belong to District 12. Each year the Capitol selects two tributes from each of the 12 poverty stricken districts to compete in a compulsory, televised death match. There can only be one winner. This powerful, one act adaptation takes you on a journey of fear, honour, strength and loyalty. Where darkness, death, love and survival intertwine. This original interpretation of an international bestseller encompasses a variety of Dance styles and narrative storytelling through movement.

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