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Assistant Lighting Designer

Director - Jake Norton // Musical Director - Callum Clarke // Assistant Director - Grace Bailey // Lighting Designer - Jack Coleman // Set Designer - Dylan Howells // Costume Designers - Grace Herron + Syd Paterson // AV Designer - Jason Stickland

Set in New York City, Rent unfolds in the shadows of the HIV/AIDS epidemic of the late 1980s. Weaving together the ups and downs of a group of impoverished, artistic friends living in the East Village, this gritty rock musical charts a year in their lives – 525,600 minutes. An aspiring filmmaker desperately wants to find his place in the world, while his HIV-positive musician roommate wonders how he will leave a lasting legacy behind him. Two HIV-positive young people pursue true love while facing the harsh reality of the hand they’ve been dealt. A business-like young woman looks for commitment from her rebellious artist girlfriend.

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