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Tits Up

Lighting Designer + Programmer // ETC Eos

Director - Isabella Rubin // Assistant Director - Rachelle Diedericks // Musical Director - Henry Burnett // Assistant Musical Director - Callum Clarke // Sound Designer - Findlay Claydon // Assistant Lighting Designer - William Peters

'Tits Up!' is an all singing, all dancing, all woman extravaganza that showcases women to be strong, independent and simply astonishing. Being a woman isn’t about having the perfect figure with long legs, luscious locks and bouncing breasts. Being a woman is having the confidence to show the world what we are capable of. The show will be performed by a small female ensemble and will include powerful, energetic and exciting musical numbers. 'Tits Up!' will commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October and will also raise money for ‘Prevent Breast Cancer’, the only UK charity dedicated entirely to the prediction and prevention of Breast Cancer.

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