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Tristan and Yseult

Lighting Programmer and LX N01 // ETC Eos

Director - Matt Wilde // Lighting Designer - Sophie Bailey // Sound Designer - Jamie Allen // Set and Costume Designer - Rachael Rooney // Photography - Andrew AB Photography

Victorious Cornish King Mark is to marry the sister of his rival; Yseult. But his marriage is doomed from the moment he sends his newly discovered nephew Tristan to escort her back to Cornwall. Tristan & Yseult is an offbeat retelling of the ancient Cornish legend of transporting passion and fatal adultery. The story of the legendry lovers seen through the eyes of those they spurned. A love story for the unloved. Kneehigh Theatre’s critically acclaimed production was first staged in 2003 and effortlessly blends comedy, tragedy and music for a performance that is both playful and profound.

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