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Programmer + LX N01 // ETC EOS

Director - Miriam Mussa // Movement Choreographer - Zain Salim // Lighting Designer - Ian Scott // Associate Lighting Designer - Sophie Bailey // Set Designer - Richard Foxton // Writer - Maurice Bessman // Sound Designer - Kate Harvey // Associate Sound Designer - Jonathon Tringham

Times might change but some things stay the same. The lads are watching, protecting and taking the mick out of characters that you will all recognise. They're not doormen or security operatives -- they're bouncers and they've seen it all. Lads full of lager, girls full of giggles and clubs full of crazy stories. John Godber's play has been performed up and down the country and at venues all over the world. This Liverpool version will see Michael Starke (A Nightmare On Lime Street), Paul Broughton (Council Depot Blues), Danny O'Brien (The Salon) and Mark Womack (Hope, Liverpool One) pull on the black jackets in this brilliantly funny show.

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