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Yellow Breck Road

Lighting Programmer + LX N01

Director - Bob Eaton // Lighting Designer - Ian Scott // Set Designer - Olivia du Monceau // Sound Designer - Kate Harvey // Photography - Chris Birchall

Gerry Linford (The Miracle Of Great Homer Street) returns with a brand new comedy that is out of this world! The Potters have always been happy in their Anfield home, times may have been tough but they can rely on each other. Dot's turned 21 now and she wants more. Her mates are off to Ibiza but she needs to stay at home to look after her foul-mouthed nan. It's just not fair! As night falls beneath a magical full moon her world is turned upside down when a bump to the head sends her spinning away through time and space. She lands on the moon where she meets a host of familiar looking characters, including barmy Uncle Barry and the slimy sod who wants to sell their house from under them. Will she learn her lesson? There's one thing for certain – there's no place like home.

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